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Sex function after prostate removal. Can Impotence Occur After Prostate Surgery?

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Jo-an Baldwin Peters offers her thoughts for coping. There is also a surgical hormone treatment called orchidectomy, in which the testicles are surgically removed. The severity of erectile dysfunction depends on the type of surgery, the stage of cancer, and skill of the surgeon. If one option does not work, ask your doctor about trying another.

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Some prostate cancer treatments may affect the nerves, muscles, or blood vessels that let you have an erection. Most men find that their sex life is different after prostate cancer treatment. If you are able to have an erection after radiation therapy, you may notice that the amount of semen the fluid that comes out of your penis at climax of sex when you have an orgasm will become less. You probably will not have enough sperm to father a child.

How Are Radical Prostatectomy and Erectile Dysfunction Related?

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Even if you have a normal hormone levels, there are a few hormonal medications that may be able to help. Overall, about 77 percent of men who undergo radical prostatectomy experience ED associated with nerve damage or blood flow issues. It is likely you will have some difficulties getting and maintaining an erection after the surgery. Some say "no they're not.

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