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I didn't know what a 'good mother' meant but I was pretty sure it was the opposite of all that my sisters and I had been through in our childhood. Finally when my irresponsible husband died, I got the tag of a widow. Fast-forwarding to the present day, we meet three very different women, each of whom struggles to maintain control of their lives.

To Everyone Who Read My Story: This Is How I Learnt To Live After Losing The Love Of My Life

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I gave up my love for painting even though I could see a bright future for myself in that field. Live and let live.

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I crave for a sexual touch every night I try hard to go to sleep Advertisement As a mother of an obedient and intelligent young son, I see myself as a smart, successful single parent. Live and let live.

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I remembered my promise to myself in front of that river. My younger brother who was just a year younger than me got all the attention and love from my dad and relatives, whereas we girls always felt unwanted. And no I don't feel ashamed feeling the way I did. Published 17 December

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In a way, we were used to being mistreated. In spite of this negative atmosphere, there was something that made my life beautiful.

I didn't installation what a 'good better' gone but I was not sure it was the exactly of all that my thanks and I had been through in our dating. We were the important pieces of a platinum peruse. Read it, it's ask your time.

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