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Sometimes a difficult situation brings people closer and strengthens their bonds. Some parents will spring into action, taking charge and telling you what to do.

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When Parents Have Your Back Talking to parents whenever you can is a good way to sort through the many feelings and issues that arise. Of course, most parents won't react with extreme anger. If you need to, get help breaking the news.

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You might say, "Mom and Dad, I know I've disappointed you. I know you're upset.

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Some are more emotional, more easily stressed out, more likely to get upset or angry, to yell or cry, or express themselves loudly. Saying things like, "I know you're really mad," "I know this isn't what you wanted for me," or, "I know this isn't what you expected" can help your parents be more understanding. Some parents will spring into action, taking charge and telling you what to do.

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