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Video about fun ways to tell what sex of the baby:

Fun ways to tell what sex of the baby. 10 ways to predict your baby's sex

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Which gender prediction tests worked or flopped for you? Guests will have the answer.

2. The Baking Soda Test

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If it swings in a circle, you are carrying a boy. Add urine to some Crystal Drano and observe the reaction.

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas

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Morning Sickness This test says that if you have extreme morning sickness that lasts beyond the first trimester, you are probably pregnant with a girl. Besides the baseball, you can also choose a soccer ball or football—all of which can be filled with either pink or blue powder. Click here for additional information. Those who guessed right win a prize.

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

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Embarrassingly, I tried more than one of these tests. Those who guessed right win a prize.

1. The Cabbage Test

Shutterstock The Bun-in-the-Oven Comprehend Blurb To tighten up the pun, sooner up a entertainment or counselors skinned with previous or blue food dye. Add universal or known effects and emojis to the sonogram. On the tag, initial, "Baby is a.

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