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We here at The Sanctuary have made mistakes sexing Rabbits, as have Vets we have known. Infants lose the suckling instinct quickly, so if hand feeding is to be attempted, it must be started within 48 hours. At this point, examine the mother for signs of lactation. They will be less likely to be dumped at a shelter, most of which would be unable to accept such large numbers and would probably have to euthanize mostů if not all of them.

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Too much could be as detrimental as the problem itself. Sometimes people confuse this behavior if it is witnessed with cannibalism. The babies can be placed into the new nest as soon as their body temperature feels warm to the touch.

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This is also true for native species, such as cottontails. It should not be too big, or the babies may scatter again and miss that important feeding. The babies can be placed into the new nest as soon as their body temperature feels warm to the touch.

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